Telemanagement Forum Interface Program

The Telemanagement Forum Interface Program has consolidated all of the interface standardisation activities of the TM Forum under one program. For more information on the TM Forum Interface Program see TM Forum Interface Program
The Shared Interface Implementation Team have been tasked with creating tooling to support the development and adoption of the TM Forum interface standards. They have chosen to create JOSIF an open source project which will have applicability beyond just the activities of the TM Forum.

JOSIF - the Joint Open Source Interface Framework

The JOSIF tooling uses the Eclipse Tigerstripe project (See A model can be created directly in Tigerstripe or a UML model can be imported. The SOA interfaces which manipulate entities in the model are then specificed in Tigerstripe. The JOSIF tooling generates WSDL and Java specifications for the SOA interface along with pdf documentation from the annotated model. The tooling can also generate the core of a persistence layer, a test framework and stubbed implementation code for developers of Reference Implementations, Compatibility Test Kits and production implementations.

Full details of the content of the JOSIF open source program can be found on the JOSIF Open Source Wiki

Note:  More detailed information about this project is provided in the OpenOSS Wiki

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