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Please note that this project is is a sustaining mode and is no longer actively being developed

OSSbeans are a library of java classes originally developed at the University of Southampton to assist with the creation of OSS/J interfaces. This has built upon the initial work of the TMForum OpenOSS catalyst in 2005.

The first practical use of OSSbeans has been in the development of an OSS/J Qos interface for OpenNMS. This work should be considered experimental and will be replaced over time with an interface library based on JOSIF. The initial documentation and use cases for OSSbeans are released through the OpenNMS project wiki. (See OpenNMS Qos Interface Documentation)

More generic documentation on OSSbeans are provided below.

For draft documentation describing the OpenNMS qosdaemon see qosddocumentation;1.2.pdf

For draft documentation on the first release of OSSbeans see http://openoss.sourceforge.net/m2/

For information on OpenNMS see www.opennms.org

For more information on OSS/J see www.ossj.org

The subversion repository for the ossBeans project work is
and also https://openoss.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/openoss/experimental/

Note:  More detailed information about this project is provided in the OpenOSS Wiki

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