Open Operations Support systems

The OpenOSS site provides a public open source collaborative environment for developers working on implementations of interface standards for Operations Support Systems (OSS) used by the Telecommunications industry.

Historically this site has focused on supporting OSS interface standards proposed by the Telemanagement Forum (TM Forum) (

These standards include OSS trough Java (OSS/J) and MTOSI which have been consolidated under the Telemanagement Forum Interface Program

JOSIF - the Joint Open Source Interface Framework

The present focus is on hosting the JOSIF Open Source Implementation project. This project is developing a framework for specifying and implementing the latest interfaces being standardised by the TM Forum.
The Joint Open Source Interface Program (JOSIF) is an industry initiative to create open source tools which will help with the specification and implementation of OSS interfaces. These tools are being proposed to a number of standards bodies including the TM Forum. However the same tooling will also be of use to any enterprise wishing to specify their own interfaces for a Service Orientated Architecture derived from an enterprise information model.
For more information see the JOSIF Open Source Program page.

Previous Work

The site has hosted a number of previous open source activities. These (mostly experimental) open source projects have been conducted over the last 4 years within the context of the TM Forum and the University of Southampton. For more information see the Experimental page.

Note:  More detailed information about this project is provided in the OpenOSS Wiki

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